• Translation and editing of employee handbooks, personnel and safety manuals, employee agreements, contracts, company’s regulations and action rules.
  • Translation of commercial contracts.

Film industry

  • I am currently collaborating in the second edition of a Spanish book as a co-author.
  • I worked as a script director for a Spanish children’s film. I edited the book and its script.  I worked closely with the filming crew and the director of the film providing Spanish support and cultural awareness.


  • Quality control editor for a 37,000 page English to Spanish grade 1 to 6 reading program.  The project covered the full teaching curriculum – science, language arts, math, history, etc.
  • Translation and editing of numerous educational text books, following California, Texas and Florida government curriculum standards.  Examples include two grade 11 physics textbooks, teacher’s science book editions, and several American history and social science textbooks.


  • Translation of numerous specialized dental projects: esthetic, all-porcelain crowns, over-the-counter whitening, science in dentistry, demineralization, oral cancer, insurance, restorations, post-op, bruxism, equilibration, occlusion and invisalign.
  • Many health care translations.  These include two health plan booklets (350 pages) for a leading medical insurance company, discharge instructions for a local hospital (300 pages), translation and editing of benefit booklets (120 pages).


  • Full turnkey translation, editing and quality control of 800+ pages of grades 1 to 4 Catholic textbooks.
  • Translation of 10 religious articles. (100 pages)


  • Translation and editing of 2 health plan booklets for a health insurance company (350 pages).
  • English to Spanish translation of discharge instructions for local hospital (300 pages), translation and editing of 4 benefit booklets (120 pages).


  • Translation and editing of complex, technical telecommunication texts. These include several FCC publications regarding wireless service rules for 71-76 and 81-86 GHz spectrum, Installation and Operation manuals for global telecommunications companies, and numerous commercial telecommunications contracts.
  • Translation of 10 technical installation and operation manuals for two international telecommunications companies. Translation of a complex, technical telecommunication commercial contract.
  • Translation and editing of 1 professional services descriptions for DTXT, 4 confidential contracts, 10 case studies and numerous product descriptions.